Simple Tip to refresh structure & content

One thing I always find annoying is when I have to add a new portal object in the structure and content.  Especially went migrated to another environment, if the server caches are not cleared, the new link might only appear after few days.  Of course, Business Analysts would never understand this limitation.

My collegues and me found an easy way to make a link appear.  Here is the procedure :

- Navigate to Structure & Content
- Within Structure & Content, navigate to the parent folder of the object (link or folder) which is not displayed
- Modify a "brother" (other child of the parent) of the not displayed object
- Add a space at the end of the description (the space will be removed when saving, which will avoid us to put back the original value of the description and save again)
- Save

The link will appear.

If the new object has no brothers, I guess that doing the same procedure on the father might have the same effect.

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