I studied Computer Science at the University of Sherbrooke (Qc) from 2000 to 2004.  In internships and in post-graduate jobs, I developped a taste for databases, not enought to become a DBA, and coding.

I got "Peoplesofted" in June 2009; I got a new job at HEC, a business school based in Montreal as a Peoplesoft Programmer-Analyst, for the Campus Solution module.  I found all I was looking for : a database oriented way of developpment with a good WYSIWYG tool which is useful to manipulate tables and quickly design Peoplesoft applications, with a minimum of coding for some events.

I quickly jumped on more complicated applications than simple pages, and discovered a lot of interresting topics in blogs, in Peoplebooks, around the web.  I learned the existance of Application Packages by myself (I knew OO Programming from Java and C++), I tried to find a way to decode Peoplecode from the database, ...  I also had to search and investigate a lot to understand how to resolve an issue or how to use special techniques, such as Integration Broker.

Until today, I kept all my source of knowledge in my mailbox, by sending emails to myself.  I decided to organize and share this useful information.

Since May, I am now working as a Consultant for CGI; we are implementing RM, Time and PGM at our client.  I am working with more complex techniques and structures, such as Component Interfaces, XML Publisher and Integration Broker (with HR).

My resumé in images:

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